Bundesliga set to return on May 9th

Bundesliga set to return on May 9th

Football of over the world is at a halt, with all major leagues and competitions being suspended, many leagues are becoming eager to start the action again, one of the front runners that are pushing to get their league started is Bundesliga, they want to get the action started but many think it is coming from a financial standpoint other than taking into consideration players and background staffs health.

Germany has been the front runners in leading the approach against the current pandemic, this has encouraged the German Football League (DFL) to ask the question when can we start the Bundesliga again? The DFL had a meeting with the Bundesliga and the second division and have come to the conclusion that they want to try and restart the season next month.

The DFL chief executive Christian Seifert on Thursday spoke about the current situation and has said “If we start on 9 May, we are ready. If it is later, we will be ready again”. This has made people ask questions on how the German league will be starting.

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